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When turning on your lamp, turn on a smart and safe light

How you can save on lighting costs?

Today, solid state light sources offer new opportunities for applications in various sectors of the economy. According to the public internet portal “Energoeffectivnaya Rossia” (Energy Efficient Russia), introduction of LEDs creates new prospects for the development of many systems – from signal lights and equipment to special applications for mobile devices and displays.

I suppose the greater luminous efficiency in comparison with other alternative solutions is one of the numerous features of LEDs that attract consumers. However, the main advantage of LEDs is radical energy savings, which may constitute, by various estimates, up to 18-20% of all electricity generation costs. Economic and energy security requirements have made development of the LED industry one of the national priorities in many countries – Canada, USA, European Union, Japan, and China. In Russia, this trend has also received considerable attention as provided by a number of regulatory documents issued by the RF government and, particularly, the Federal target programme “Development of electronic and component-based systems and electronics” for the period 2008–2015 approved by the RF government on November 26, 2007, No.809. LED technologies, capable of replacing the majority of traditional light sources in the near future, are attracting the attention of the world largest corporations operating in the lighting engineering industry. The basic trends in the development of LED industry require fundamentally new materials and manipulation of nanoscale components. The state-owned corporation “Rosnanotech” is directly responsible for the support and development of the LED industry in Russia.

The regulatory documents for the LED industry may be divided into two main groups: the documents related to power industry and energy saving systems, and the documents that regulate innovation activities, including development of nanotechnology. However, the development of energy saving technologies, including design and manufacture of new types of components and lighting systems is one of the priority trends. LED technologies are much more promising compared with the past generation of light sources. Electric current in an LED is converted directly into light, with minimum losses; such a lighting system is strong mechanically and its service life may reach 100,000 hours, which is almost 100 times more than that of incandescent lamps and 5-10 times more than that of luminescent lamps.

The operating temperature range of solid state light sources is -40oC to +40°С; LEDs do not have to be disposed of in any special way, they are most environmentally friendly devices and do not adversely affect human health since they do not contain any mercury vapour, and they do not produce any infrared, UV or thermal radiation. Semiconductor based light-emitting devices allow significant energy savings due to the high level of luminous efficiency at low power consumption. New lighting technologies are now becoming more and more popular in Russia, too. According to the experts, there are prerequisites for implementation of such projects. Of course, energy-efficiency technologies should be implemented where you can get the maximum benefits economically.

These are facilities which require all-night lighting: underground walkways, subway stations, production facilities, factory shops, etc. When implementing energy efficiency programmes, Russian enterprises very often introduce their own approaches in this respect. Thus, OAO “Sverdlovsk Transformer Plant” decided to replace the conventional lights in its officeswith new modular-type LEDs. “Our specialists themselves replaced office lamps with LED modules”, says Valery Makarov, the company’s Chief Power Engineer. “The cost of the lighting system in this case is 3.5 times less than that offered by trading companies: we buy LED matrices and fix them into the old office lamps. A set of matrices costs 1200 rubles plus the cost of the old lighting system”.

For example, the calculations commissioned by Raleigh City Council (USA) showed that the city could save about 40% of electricity by making the transition to LED lighting systems, including street lights, underground car parks, pedestrian crossings and architectural highlights. Such a saving would come in handy for any city. Today, LED lighting systems have been installed in the corridors with artificial lighting. The first results confirmed reduction of fifty percent in power consumption. Energy efficiency and ergonomics seem to be the main and very important features of the LED lighting systems. At the same time, they have visual advantages, in particular a very attractive design. And many company owners point out to this feature along with the other important ones. “Since 2001, we have installed more than 450 PLANT lighting systems manufactured by AtomSvet in our newly built facilities: warehouses, cooling chambers (from 0oC to +4°С), low-temperature refrigeration chambers (from -15oC to -24°С), and used these systems for street lighting, says Dmitry Manaenkov, Chief Power Engineer of LLC KDV Novosibirsk. “It should be noted that we have studied and tested various manufacturers before making a decision to install AtomSvet lighting systems in our premises. The systems were supplied by OOO “Energosberegayushchaya Kompanyia Sibiri” (Siberia Energy Efficient Company) – the manufacturer’s exclusive representative and partner in the Siberian Region. First of all, we appreciated the quality of the equipment – anodized aluminum housing which ensures protection from aggressive environments, Bayer polycarbonate lenses, and a reliable current power supply. Moreover, apart from their excellent technical properties these lighting systems have a modern design and structural features which make installation easy.

LED lighting Systems produced by AtomSvet LLC.

Similar production facilities include coal mines, filling stations, chemical factories and oil refineries, blasting and demolition work, paint manufacture, production of various combustible materials, etc. In plants like these, the manufacturer has to comply with technical requirements for operation of any electrical appliances and equipment. However, special attention should be paid to lighting equipment. Explosion-proof LED lighting systems ensure a significant reduction of power consumption and operating costs. These systems have an extra long service life (up to 25 years) and low power consumption, which makes them a very promising investment for large industrial enterprises, commercial and public organizations, and branch companies.

- “Replacement of lighting systems at our plant is undertaken within the framework of the programme for the reduction of production costs, says Ruslan Hazievich Bikbulatov, Deputy Director of the Ufa Thermal Power Plant-4.

– “We purchased AtomSvet LED lighting systems from the official dealer – “Russki Svet” State Corporation (Ufa Branch) and have already installed them in our production shops: 70 lighting systems for overhead illumination in the machine room of the turbine generator building, and 34 lighting systems in the water conditioning building of the by-product recovery plant. The first AtomSvet lighting systems were installed in 2001. Over the years, they have demonstrated full compliance with the claimed performance ratings, showed high energy efficiency, durability, and ease of installation and maintenance. We are going to purchase 175 lighting systems next year and replace the lighting in other production premises and administrative buildings of the company. At the end of the year, we are planning to save 69,000 kWh of electricity. The most important technical parameters which are to be focused on when selecting explosion proof LEDs include luminous flux (illumination intensity), power consumption, operating voltage, and explosion proof marking. There are several methods of ensuring explosion safety, the purpose of which is to prevent any contact of the internal spark-generating or heat emitting elements of the device with an explosion-hazardous environments, or, to prevent an internal explosion inside the housing of the device from getting out by localizing it”.

– “Within the lighting modernization programme for our branches with explosion-hazardous premises (ammonia storage, fuel and lubricant storage, fuel oil tanks, gas-analyzing and CO2 rooms, etc.), we installed 1,354 explosion proof lighting systems, says Elena Panfilenko, Public Relations & Media Director of LLC “Energy Efficiency Centre (EEC) of Inter RAO EES”. Moreover, we installed these lighting systems in all production premises with generating units. After replacement of the old lighting systems and introduction of state-of-the-art lighting equipment, power consumption at the Urengoyskaya GRES (Thermal Power Plant) was reduced by 2.3 times after modernization, and by 6.6 times at the Verkhnetagilskaya GRES.

There is no doubt that large industrial enterprises are consuming significant amounts of electricity for lighting. The height of the rooms makes lamp replacement and maintenance process a very serious item of expense. Therefore, the difference between before and after becomes very clear and evident. If you are talking about complicated process technologies – chemical or oil refinery systems – you have to apply even more serious criteria in order to select light sources for such premises. However, the innovative LED solutions help us cope with these challenges.

Moreover, this manufacturer’s lighting systems are more economical, and provide very high luminous flux at low power consumption, which leads to reduction of power consumption and to savings in electricity costs. Our first lighting systems paid for itself within 1.7 years due to the fact that we significantly reduced electricity costs and lighting costs for the entire facility (at a cost of 2.5 rubles per Kwh). In other words, the lighting systems received an “excellent” mark. Industrial lighting implies usage of several types of lighting systems. Usually, pendant lighting fixtures are used to illuminate production shops. Explosion proof lighting systems may be installed if required to meet special operating conditions. Most of the large enterprises with an aggressive operating environment and high level of fire and explosion hazard use only explosion proof LED lighting systems. Their efficiency is proven wherever you need maximum control over reliability, quality, warranty and electricity saving. There are many industrial businesses and lines of activity with very high fire and explosion hazard.

–“When selecting lighting systems for our production facilities, our decisions were governed by optimum price criteria as well as explosion proof requirements, says Emil Mukhametshin, Director of ZAO NG Chemicals”. – We very much appreciated LED technologies since they correspond to all our requirements. Since our company is dealing with the production of oilfield chemicals, the state regulatory documents stipulate very strict requirements on production techniques and process organization with respect to such explosion hazardous conditions. Our company is trying to use advanced technologies in every activity: from high quality equipment standards to cleverly organized lighting systems, power and heating.. When selecting the manufacturers, we decided in favour of AtomSvet lighting systems. We fixed 18 AtomSvet® X-proof systems on the total floor area of 550 sq. metres. To my mind, LED technologies will have a very promising future as they feature undoubted advantages over the old technologies. For example, unlike previous energy-saving lighting systems, they do not flicker, are comfortable for the eyes, they are instantaneous when turned on and, most important, they are safe, which is essential in the rooms with potential fire hazard, chemical contamination or explosion hazards.

AtomSvet® X-proof lighting systems have been specially designed for production facilities and areas where the degree of fire and explosion hazard is very high, as well as for operation under extreme conditions in the regions of the Far North (where all major oil and gas fields are located). The lighting systems have a number of additional features which provide further benefits. They have explosion-proof marking 1 Ех mb IIТ4Х, which complies with the directives related to the use of electrical equipment in explosion hazardous areas.

The products can be used over a wide range of supply voltages (150–265V), have overvoltage protection (up to 800V) and short circuit protection, and very high light efficiency. All structural elements of the lighting systems are protected against aggressive environment. The lighting systems are totally enclosed, have IP-67 ingress protection rating, and may be operated within a -60oC to +60°С temperature range. Not only large companies with complicated production conditions and special room safety requirements need LED lighting. LED light sources with their inherent energy-saving capabilities and properties have become very popular among small and medium-size businesses. Taking into account that the Russian cities are experiencing serious problems in increasing their power generation, new consumers are considering energy saving measures before they sign a contract with the energy supplier.

– “In St Petersburg, many companies are facing problems of connection to the centralized power supply system”, says Mikhail Taran, Director General of OOO AvtoDom. “It is clear that the number of consumers is increasing every year, and the existing energy sources are hardly coping with the increased load. In my opinion, the use of energy efficient equipment and technologies may be a way out of the present situation. The owner of a business may save money and the energy supplier will receive a request for a less of the energy resource. Our company is engaged in the car service and maintenance business, and we consume a lot of energy. Considering energy saving, we have started to look for some methods of saving resources at the business-plan stage. Half a year ago we switched to LED lighting, starting from the use of LEDs for illuminating our outdoor business sign and then gradually replacing fluorescent lighting in offices and repair shops with modern LEDs. In spite of the fact that new lighting technologies are more expensive than our previous lighting systems, such projects soon pay for themselves. For this relatively short period of time, electricity consumption in our company was cut by 30% compared with the last year. Moreover fewer LEDs are required to provide the same level of illumination over large floor areas then their fluorescent counterparts. And finally, LED lighting eliminates the risks of fire and explosions and provides more comfortable working conditions in production facilities, which is very important in our car service business”. Innovative solutions and ideas generated by scientists, designers and manufacturers of the equipment are no longer just isolated projects or inventions that are not likely to be implemented. LED technologies will one way or another become universally available and highly sought technologies with great potential and prospects both on an industrial scale and on a more local scale – in small businesses, offices, cottage settlements, and private houses. Probably, this local level will give a start to mass marketing of the new lighting technologies.

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