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LED lighting fixtures designed for nuclear power plants have been applied in the industrial sector and for highway illumination

The use of LEDs in various fields, including aesthetic lighting, local lighting, signalling equipment etc. has become commonplace. However, the design of modern lighting fixtures for general purpose workshops, severe conditions or aggressive environment enterprises is only just getting off the ground. Stricter reliability and safety requirements demand unique design solutions and the highest quality of component production and assembly. Today, potential consumers of these products are faced with the difficulty of understanding to what extent the new generation of luminaires may be effective in a business context. How to solve such problems was the subject of an exclusive interview for our magazine with Vadim Dadyka, Director General of FNK Group and AtomSvet LLC – Russian developer and manufacturer of AtomSvet LED lighting fixtures for industrial and outdoor use.


Statya_Atomsvet_final-1-1.jpg – Mr. Dadyka, the main business profile of FNK Group is far from lighting fixtures production. So, what stimulated the decision to come into this manufacturing sector?

– Our group of companies combines engineering and project design assets. A key area of our activity is complex project management in the nuclear and traditional power industries. We undertake large projects for Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation and Russian key energy companies, namely FGC UES JSC, IDGC Holding JSC, and RusHydro JSC.

In 2009, within the project on reconstruction of one of the Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation premises, the FNK Group faced a need to replace the traditional light-source luminaires with LED lighting fixtures.

Our market research has shown that none of the LED luminaires existing at that time met the high requirements of nuclear enterprises for lighting fixtures.

We held a series of consultations with leading Russian experts in the field of lighting engineering and microelectronics, and decided to design our own, completely new LED lighting fixture and launch its production.

A prototype that passed all necessary tests, laboratory examination and validation, has shown unique lighting and electrical characteristics.

According to the project results the FNK Group created AtomSvet LLC, which nowadays produces large numbers of LED lighting fixtures for industrial use under its trademark of AtomSvet, and has its own design office and modern production.

– What is the difference between AtomSvet products and others seen in the market, and what are their distinctive features?

– I am particularly proud to say that the quality of AtomSvet LED luminaires differs significantly both from existing Russian equivalents, and dumped Chinese lighting fixtures. It is no secret that most of the LED luminaires supplied from China to Russia are produced with a focus on low prices. As a result, those products are of low quality, as maintaining low prices requires a significant saving on materials and components of lighting fixtures.

The FNK Group of companies has been working in the energy market for 10 years, and reputation is not an empty word for us. That is why in the production of luminaires, AtomSvet focuses on the high quality of the end product and its components, and guarantees the components’ compliance with European standards (reliability level not lower than Industrial).

We work together with the world’s leader in manufacture of LED production – the Japanese Nichia Corporation, which guarantees the manufacturing quality and performance of its products. For production of the optical part we have chosen a polycarbonate produced by Bayer – Makrolon® LED, which meets the special requirements of LED optics for outdoor lighting and industrial facilities, including those with severe environmental conditions or hazardous operating conditions.

Statya_Atomsvet_final-1-2.jpg– LED luminaires started to appear on our streets and industrial premises relatively recently, but the market for LED lighting fixtures is already competitive and rapidly evolving. How will you secure your market position?

– In fact, the Russian LED market began to grow relatively recently. The main factor having a significant negative impact on Russian LED market was the absence of regulatory documents defining product requirements. This led to the fact that today, as I said before, the Russian LED lighting fixtures market is oversaturated with Chinese lighting fixtures of questionable quality.

We monitor the quality of AtomSvet lighting fixtures at all stages of production, from the incoming inspection of supplied components, and multi-sample inspection at various stages of assembly, to quality control of the final product. We conduct various tests, including 100% testing of all products for under- and over- voltage.

Our company experts are developing improvements to existing LED luminaires.

For example, we decided to produce housing made of extruded aluminum and protect it with anodized coating. This design provides the necessary heat transfer from the LEDs and protects the luminaire from the impact of an aggressive environment.

Power sources were designed taking into consideration the specific features of Russian electric networks, and this ensures a long life for both AtomSvet lighting fixtures and electricity supply itself. An explosion proof series of LED lighting fixtures is produced for special areas.

– Russia is going to join the WTO this year. In your opinion, will the market conditions change for your company in the new circumstances, when world manufacturing leaders of energy-saving lighting fixtures become more active in our market?

– The issue of Russia’s WTO accession is rather complex and far reaching. We can only say for sure that Russia’s accession will definitely change the balance of power amongst the market players. With the market development and increased competition significant number of new market players may appear.

In this situation proper production planning, logistics and especially energy saving become the most relevant.

With continuously increasing energy tariffs the managements of major industrial enterprises and multi-building warehouses already feel the need to implement energy-saving technologies, and with WTO accession such decision-making will be significantly accelerated, I suppose.

– What is your opinion on the potential of LEDs in the short term?

– The use of LED technology that few years ago seemed a long way from widespread has become a vitally important trend. LED lighting fixtures halve energy consumption in comparison with fluorescent lamps, for instance. Replacement with LED lighting fixtures is able to make considerable savings for the enterprise as a result of direct energy saving and by reducing the operating costs.

Meanwhile, it is important to choose the right solutions for LED-based lighting fixtures, to consider the main aspects while selecting, purchasing, installing, and operating LED lighting.

AtomSvet LLC provides its customers with all these calculations, which take into account, for example, such factors as the working hours which require lighting of particular customer’s facility, the type and specifications of previously used lighting fixtures, energy tariffs, periodic maintenance cost, and component replacement cost.

As a result, customers get a feasibility study for transition to modern energy-saving LED lighting for their facilities including the payback period and all the necessary figures. The main aim of our engineers is to minimize the cost of lighting for the customer according to “necessary and sufficient” principle.



Statya_Atomsvet_final-1-3.jpg– What is the basis of the logistics network and support system for distributors of AtomSvet LED lighting fixtures?

– AtomSvet LLC has been actively setting up its dealer network. We offer cooperation to specialized wholesale and retail companies, as well as to companies engaged in engineering business of energy-saving technologies. We provide training for dealer’s managers and customers.

For dealers and project engineers we offer high-quality reliable products, constantly available stock, contractual deliveries on time, significant dealer discounts and bonuses at the year-end, timely warranty and maintenance service of the products, and product information support. AtomSvet’s incoming direct orders are redirected to our dealers according to their sales territory, thus actively helping them to develop and increase turnover.

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