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LED Lighting is an Effective Way of Energy Saving in Industry

LED lighting systems are the most cost effective light source that provides luminous flux comfortable for the human eye. The market for such devices began to form in Russia about three years ago, and today we witness its dynamic development.

Parameter Based Selection

Quality LED lighting systems are suitable for all operating conditions. Products of some manufacturers are being operated in plants with aggressive environments, in power supply networks with overvoltage and undervoltage conditions, and at extremes of high or low temperatures (from -60°C to +60°C). The latter is particularly important for regions such as Siberia and the Urals, where, for instance, the lower the temperature, the less sodium lamps are effective, and at -30°C they do not light up at all. Quality LED lighting systems at such temperatures function normally. Moreover, LED lighting systems do not need to be replaced frequently, which is also important under such conditions. Special purpose explosion-proof lighting systems that meet the requirements for lighting systems of high hazard facilities, such as nuclear power plants, mines, gas stations, hazardous production facilities, etc., are also available on the market.

Commercially available modern LED lighting system designs do not require replacement for at least ten-to-twelve years, because their operational life exceeds 50,000 hours. Even after the expiry date such lighting systems remain functional, thanks to sophisticated technology - burn-out of individual LEDs does not lead to failure of the others, as is often the case with low-cost Chinese samples.


Sergei Zaitsev, Deputy Shop Foreman, Networks and Substations, FGUP PO Mayak.

- One of the areas of energy efficiency in the Mayak Production Association, belonging to the Rosatom Corporation, is the introduction of LED lighting technologies. We have carried out an analysis of the economic impact produced by replacement of road lighting based on Mercury arc lamps (ML) DRL250 with LED lighting systems of similar luminous efficiency. The DRL250 lamps consumed 250 W, yet, taking into account the losses due to the use of ballasts, the consumption of one such lamp could go up to 300 W. Meanwhile, power consumed by the LED lighting systems we have chosen, is 36 W.

According to our calculations, using LED lighting systems for twelve hours a day would result in energy savings giving pay back on the LEDs in three years, after which the LED lighting systems would yield economic benefit. Since 2010, PO Mayak has been widely engaged in implementing lighting systems at industrial facilities. Initially, forty-five LED lighting systems had been installed under a pilot project. The economic effect has been fully confirmed, while in terms of operation it has also proved a safe and high quality product. I should add that energy saving lighting systems require additional maintenance and special disposal expenses, because they contain mercury. LED lighting systems are maintenance-free and do not require special disposal. In addition, energy-saving lighting systems and their ballasts, as opposed to LEDs, are powered by high-frequency currents, which have a negative impact on the health of the staff.

Emil Mukhametshin, Director General, Chemicals, international chemical company:

- We are an oil industry manufacturer. In the workshops, we deal with highly explosive diesel fuel based chemistry, so we had been looking for the most advanced LED lighting systems with an explosion-proof configuration, featuring the best price to quality ratio. As a result, we have purchased explosion-proof lighting systems. They were introduced in November and December 2012, and therefore it would be premature to assess the real economic impact. However, we can already say that the light quality of LED lighting systems is very high; they do provide a comfortable environment for our employees.

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