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Luminaires for Public Utilities and other Purposes

Today LED luminaires are replacing traditional light sources more and more: offices, streets, sport facilities, production facilities, apartments and even summer houses – everywhere there are examples of successful application of LEDs.

One of the most important areas of LED application is limited-wattage luminaires for common and local lighting, which are commonly known as “luminaires for public utilities”.

In saying this, the ceiling lamps commonly used in every stairwell of apartment houses come to mind. But in reality the sphere of application of such luminaires is much wider. These luminaires are widely used for lighting auxiliary production facilities, pedestrian subways and tunnels, and models with a more or less efficient design may be found in corridors, offices, trade centres, not to mention the lighting of summer houses and cottages, which is common in Europe. Extra-strong and tamper-proof versions of standard stairwell ceiling lamps are frequently used in the lighting of secured premises.

There’s also a “reverse trend”, when luminaires developed for lighting of manufacturing facilities with a high dust concentration are then also used with other purposes – for example, for that same lighting of entrance halls. Entrance halls differ greatly, and sometimes their dust level may be compared to that of a boiler room... Not to mention the fact that the luminaire initially adapted for severe operational conditions will be more durable than a standard one.

Public utilities lighting, where LEDs are usual light sources, has successfully invaded all the previously mentioned areas of application. It is not only due to the high energy efficiency of LEDs (a LED luminaire consumes 8-10 times less energy than a luminaire with an incandescent lamp and several tens of percent less than luminaires with gas discharge lamps).

The fact is that the design of the LED luminaire with removable or non-removable LED unit implies a higher mechanical performance than the design of a standard luminaire with a removable, fragile lamp. And again, the construction of the LED unit is easier to protect from dust and moisture than the one with the lamp. The additional benefit is that LED luminaires require almost no maintenance during the whole of their service life, which can be as long as 50-100,000 hours and significantly exceeds the service life of standard luminaires. This makes the use of LEDs especially reasonable in cases where maintenance is difficult to perform.

One example of advanced LED luminaires for public utilities with “additional protection” are the Utility series luminaires, which is now in batch production at AtomSvet, a well known Russian manufacturer of industrial LED lighting systems. The key features of AtomSvet Utility luminaires are the following:

  • a high level of protection from dust and moisture (IP65) for their class. It allows the luminaire to be used for both external and internal lighting. The luminaire is fully protected from dust and protected from water jets coming from any direction;
  • a wide range of operating temperatures - from -40 °С to +50 °С. Together with the high level of dust and moisture protection it is a key factor of the luminaire’s guaranteed service, for instance, in auxiliary rooms of high ambient temperature production areas. Simply speaking, it guarantees durable and uninterrupted luminaire operation for 5-10 years in all areas of application – from LED lighting of bathrooms and saunas to external lighting of summer houses, garages, etc.;
  • shock-resistant tamper-proof housing (special “secret” screws submerged into the housing prevent the luminaire’s removal). This allows the luminaire to be used for lighting of public transport stops, parking lots and various secured premises, not to mention the lighting of entrance halls and other public utilities, where tamper-proof equipment is of great importance;
  • original design, which makes the luminaire stand out from other models on the market.

Such combination of features is not random, as AtomSvet specializes in production of industrial luminaires for severe and extreme areas of application. And Utility luminaries have inherited all the main benefits from their big brothers (module luminaires of the Plant series), while adding a new one – portability.

The manufacturing company does not doubt that the new luminaire will be on demand in the market, where durable and low-maintenance workhorses are required for a wide spectrum of applications.

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