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Luminaires have Changed their Status

Светильники сменили статус

Experts assure us that LED lighting has become firmly established in the lighting technologies market as one of the main light sources – along with the traditional gas discharge lamps.

The market for LED luminaires and lamps continues to grow rapidly, although its rate of growth is slowing down. Whereas in 2013 the market for LED luminaires, according to some estimates, grew up to 70 percent, at the end of 2014 a slowdown in the rate of growth is expected.

Different segments of the LED market develop unevenly. The fastest-growing sales are of LED lamps and office lighting fixtures. Here, the main driver of development is the reduction in price. Even today this ensures that LED luminaires are more competitive for office lighting than fluorescent lamps. Not surprisingly during last year sales rose sharply, primarily in the sales of office lighting fixtures and for shop lighting. The growth of these segments will continue in 2015.

A large share of the Russian LED market is traditionally occupied by industrial lighting, which is primarily due to the implementation of energy conservation programmes by state corporations. Starting from the latter part of 2013 there has been a tendency towards suspension or revision of energy conservation measures, which has resulted in a slowdown in growth rates for the segment. Despite the fact that this factor had an impact throughout 2014, industrial lighting remains one of the main drivers of growth of the Russian LED market. According to our estimates, its current volume is over 3 billion rubles. However, the potential of LEDs in industry is not fully achieved: it is prevented by quite high prices for industrial LED lighting fixtures. In the next two or three years we can expect to overcome of this problem, although the current fever on the exchange market (most of the lighting fixtures are assembled from imported components) has made many manufacturers increase the selling prices of the products by 10-30 percent.

The Russian market is still congested with manufacturers – they number about two or three hundred and, according to some estimates, the total number reaches a thousand. Nevertheless, we can speak about certain signs of market consolidation. This is evidenced by an actual establishment of the main ‘pool’ of Russian suppliers. And so we can talk about their forming an image in the eyes of potential customers. The crisis will only contribute to further consolidation of the industry.

One of the most important trends of the market is the penetration of LED technologies in the niche areas of application, such as production of explosion-proof lighting. Here, LEDs are successfully forcing out traditional light sources, and the number of Russian manufacturers is growing rapidly - today there are at least several dozen of them. However, most manufacturers are only just starting to explore the segment which is characterized by a lack of application specific products, including low-voltage LED luminaires. An example of this is the AtomSvet® Plant Ex LV.

Last year there was increased activity of Russian manufacturers in introducing their products to the European market. Not surprisingly, as often their products are as good as products from the leading European manufacturers. An important event and kind of summing up of this trend was the largest international exhibition of lighting - Light & Building 2014 in Frankfurt. The exhibition featured more than twenty Russian manufacturers, which is twice the number of Russian participants in 2012 (the exhibition is held every two years). The products shown by domestic companies were of great interest, including products in the above-mentioned segment of explosion proof lighting.

Throughout 2014 a significant share of the Russian lighting market was occupied by lighting control systems, wide use of which is expected in the near future. The introduction of such systems is stimulated by increasing demand for LED lighting, one of the key advantages of which is a wide range of dimming (light flux change). In 2014, a number of Russian developers presented their results in this promising field. This corresponds to the European trend, when a manufacturer supplies it as part of the implementation of integrated projects on installation/upgrade of lighting systems for different purposed (workshops, warehouses, urban streets and highways, etc.).

Generally, at the year-end LED lamps and LED luminaires are well positioned in the Russian lighting market and have changed their image of an “interesting innovation” into the status of one of the major – and eventually the major – types of light sources.

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