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AtomSvet lighting for operation in cool rooms


One of the main ways of improving energy efficiency is to modernize the lighting systems by using modern energy saving light sources. Such measures can save up to 38% of energy consumption. That is why light-emitting diode (LED) devices are considered to be the future technology for almost all sectors of the economy. Analysts believe that the Russian energy efficient technology market has great potential and its strong growth is expected in the near future.

Modern high-quality LED lighting has several advantages. LED technologies offer great benefits over the previous generation of light sources: electric current in the light-emitting diode (LED) is converted directly into light emission with low losses; the lighting hardware is mechanically strong and its service life can reach 100 thousand hours, which is almost 100 times more than for incandescent lamps (IL) and 5-10 times more than for fluorescent lamps (FL). The working temperature range for semiconductor light sources is -40 to+40°C. LEDs do not have special disposal requirements, and they are the most environmentally friendly, with no adverse effects on human health, due to the absence of mercury, IR, UV and thermal radiation. LED light sources are resistant to cold, heat, extreme temperatures, and high humidity. LED lights immediately the power is applied. Due to their reliability and durability they are used in lighting tasks of any complexity. The use of LED lighting will bring significant savings in terms of saving on energy costs, for example, in warehouse lighting.

A good present-day warehouse has not only convenient access, capacity, advanced software, etc., but also a well-designed lighting system. The lighting requirements differ and depend on the type of stored products. Selection of lighting equipment for warehouses is made taking into account the space, technical requirements, regulations and rules that maximize the efficiency of the devices at the lowest possible level of energy consumption.

Lighting with mercury discharge lamps (DRL) and sodium lamps (DNaT) has widespread use. But both types of lamps have significant drawbacks. They are unstable at low temperatures: at -30°C starting them becomes problematic. Colour rendering of these lamps is also one of the problems: the bright orange light of sodium lamps is extremely uncomfortable to the human eye. As a result, sodium lamps are used mainly in street lighting.

Lighting devices based on LED offer great benefits over the previous generation of light sources: under the influence of an electric current there is injection of minority carriers (electrons or holes) in the LED accompanied by photon release; in the conventional lamp an electric current flowing through a spiral made of refractory materials (usually tungsten-based) causes intense heating and as a result a luminescence process begins. With low losses an LED light source is mechanically strong and its service life can reach 50 thousand hours. Another advantage of LED lighting sources is their environmental friendliness and ease of recycling. They do not contain mercury, lead or other harmful substances.

It is worth considering that the warehouse lighting fixtures are fixed high up and premature failure even with valid warranty leads to significant financial costs for repair or replacement. All these difficulties can be avoided by using LED lighting systems, which reduce running costs and virtually eliminate maintenance costs.

Moreover, warehouses are usually located outside the big cities and supplied with electricity from local substations characterized by extreme instability of the supply voltage. Therefore, the reliability of LED lighting driver and its resistance to unstable supply voltage is one of the main guarantees of stable operation and reliability throughout the stated lifespan.

In terms of economic benefits the use of LED lighting fixtures to illuminate the warehouse is an energy efficient solution and at the end of the payback period brings substantial profit to the company.

In May 2012 lighting the lighting system at the Monolith warehouse was modernized. 130AtomSvet light-emitting diode lighting units, each with of140 watts, were installed for lighting the frozen products consignment warehouses (Fig. 1, 2).

AtomSvet PLANT 02-100-13600-140 specifications:

  • supply voltage/frequency 150–265 V/50 Hz;
  • power consumption 140 W;
  • luminous flux 13,600 lm;
  • colour temperature 5.000 K;
  • colour rendering index Ra >80;
  • weight 6.4 кг;
  • dimensions 670×200×110 mm;
  • LED life >50,000 h;
  • operating temperature range –60to+60 °C;
  • protection degree IP67;
  • type of LIDC and beam angle: deep, 30°.

Supply of this lighting was carried out by the manufacturer’s official partner, LLC GC EkoSvet (Ivanteevka). The warehouse itself is divided into two parts: the first one is a medium temperature warehouse for product storage (+4°C); the second part is a low-temperature storage warehouse (-26 to -13°C). This class A cold storage warehouse has a large cargo height with bin location and an area of 5,000 m2 and therefore requires high quality lighting. Serious consideration had to be given to the fact that the height of the lighting is 13 m. Before choosing the AtomSvet LED lighting, Monolith power engineers considered several different manufacturers, as well as induction lighting. In choosing, the most important factors were luminous flux, the perception of the light (colour rendering index), as well as the dimensions and weight of lighting units.

Upon installation of the selected fixtures 38 kW of capacity was freed up, which enabled the company to save 1 million rubles during the year (with lighting use of 18 hours per day). During one year of operation LED lighting performed fully to specification, met all the customer’s expectations and had no failures so far.

It should again be noted that the lighting design with the use of LED light sources is promising and cost-effective for owners of industrial enterprises and warehouse complexes. Due to energy saving, the investment costs are recovered and electricity consumption is reduced by at least 30%. This means that lighting costs are reduced by almost one third compared with the conventional alternative and the funds released can be invested in development of the business.

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Video of the manufacturing process and advantages of AtomSvet® LED lighting fixtures

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