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LED lighting fixtures in the Technological wonder programme on the NTV channel

Sergei Malozemov, author and presenter of Technological Wonder programme, tells the audience about scientific developments that can change or are already changing our daily lives. One of the programmes dealt with the modern trends in the lighting market, i.e. energy saving and LED technologies.

  • LED energy efficiency is twice as great as that of fluorescent lamps and 10 times higher than that of incandescent lamps; the life span is 50 times longer than that of incandescent lamps.
  • LEDs are environmentally friendly and easy to dispose of; they do not contain mercury, lead or other harmful substances.

Not surprisingly, worldwide, LED lighting began to replace conventional light sources, including fluorescent lamps.

Today promising Russian market of LED lighting attracts a large number of players, and many of them in pursuit of quick sales are willing to offer LED products at dumping prices. As a rule, these are product suppliers, mainly from China.

However, the low cost of the product is not its quality. Lighting fixture testing carried out by laboratories of major domestic LED technology manufacturers, as well as by independent testing centres, showed that technical characteristics of Chinese lighting fixtures, on average, are overstated by 20-50%. Can you trust Chinese manufacturers? This is the question.

However, there is no doubt about Russian-made LED lighting fixtures.

Primarily this is due to the fact that Russian market LED lighting is growing rapidly. Over the past two years it has grown significantly in volume, more large professional players, including federal lighting companies, have appeared. And the product quality is one of the main competitive advantages of domestic manufacturers.

Especially for the NTV channel and the Technological Wonder programme, AtomSvet demonstrated compliance with the highest quality standards of their LED lighting fixtures, and talked about the recently implemented experiment to create "artificial sun" for greenhouse plants. This is a joint project the Russian State Agrarian University - MTAA named after K.A. Timiryazeva.

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Video of the manufacturing process and advantages of AtomSvet® LED lighting fixtures

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