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Interlight Moscow 2014

On 11th – 14th November, 2014 Interlight Moscow 2014 International Exhibition of decorative and industrial lighting, electrical engineering and automation was held. The event is the largest trade exhibition in Russia and the CIS countries hosting producers and distributors of lighting equipment, architects, designers and lighting professionals.

Mostly Russian and Chinese manufacturers were presented at Interlight 2014.

Russian producers feature slight increase in the share of exhibitors working in the low and dumping prices segments.

The exhibition presents mostly office and commercial lighting solutions. It is the reflection of these products’ dominance on the market.

The most important tendency is the gradual transition from the development of separate models/series of luminaires to the ‘platform’ solutions, when a manufacturer offers a wide range not only of capacities/light flux/optics, but also complete sets of luminaires (with dimming, motion sensors, those capable of integration with wired/wireless control systems, and with emergency lighting function, etc.). In general, there is an increase in the share of companies using key elements (body/driver/optics) of third party producers.

The majority of innovations are limited to modernization of the series in order to increase the luminaire efficiency.

The features of the ‘platform’ solutions are as follows:

  • Great flexibility in the choice of capacities/light flux/optics, etc.;
  • A wide range of additional options: non-dimmable/dimmable luminaires (1-10 В, DALI), integration with wired/wireless lighting systems, availability/absence of emergency lighting function, availability of sensors (light sensors, motion sensors etc.);
  • At the functional level – frequent design modularity, and the use of interchangeable parts. Some manufacturers offer an opportunity of producing the luminaire series with the required parameters ‘for the project’.

In 2013-2014 there was an increase in the luminaire efficiency in all categories of producers. For the majority of the leading Russian manufacturers (Lighting Technologies, GALAD, AtomSvet, Artadov Light Technical Plant, Ledel) the typical value of luminaire efficiency is 95-110 lm/W. A number of producers entering into the market declare even higher values (up to 130-140 lm/W) of luminaire efficiency, however, these values are not yet confirmed by the independent tests.

On the level of implementation of the secondary optics, integrated with protective glass, the situation on the Russian market is intermediate between the situation on the Chinese market (mass distribution of these systems) and the European market (single products).

Among the above Russian manufacturers, those using the integrated optics are Ledel, AtomSvet, and Lighting Technologies (in separate product series).

In general, the secondary optics integrated with the protective glass is more frequently used in the industrial luminaires comparing to the street-light luminaires.

The development of control systems as well as dimming is the main tendency. Often, the companies producing dimmable luminaires offer lighting control systems as well.

However, the total number of luminaire manufacturers simultaneously offering the control systems is currently small.

Usually, the manufacturers limit themselves to the dimming option with a possible wired and wireless control of luminaires.

The systems are generally used for street lighting. The common two approaches are as follows:

  • Control over the supply cable based on PLC Protocol (Lighting Technologies, Lider Light);
  • Wireless control of lighting based on the ZigBee Protocol (Svyazinvest).

Explosion-proof luminaires

Among the leading Russian manufacturers of the explosion-proof systems, AtomSvet and Ashasvet were present at the exhibition. The principle direction is the transition to the use of LEDs in the already produced luminaire series.

An example of this type of product is the X-proof series of LED explosion-proof luminaire produced by the Russian manufacturer, AtomSvet.

These luminaires are designed for operation in Class 1 and 2 explosion hazardous areas with gas and dust hazards, in an ambient temperature range of -60o С to +60o С, both indoor and outdoor.

The luminaire’s power unit renders starting current unnecessary and is equipped with high-frequency noise suppression and reactive power compensation systems.

Explosion-proof АtomSvet luminaires make it possible to reduce electricity costs by up to 70% compared with conventional lighting.

In general, the exhibition has demonstrated that by 2015 the Russian market features the already formed stable ‘pool’ of the major producers of LED lighting. It includes both leading Russian manufacturers of traditional lighting (Lighting Technologies, Galad), and field-oriented manufacturers of LED luminaires which have long been present on the market (AtomSvet, Ledel, Optogan, Svetlana-Optoelectronics, Focus). Furthermore, the LED market is moving from the stage of ‘expansion’ in mass segments (office, commercial, industrial, street lighting, etc.) towards the intensive development of the most promising markets, particularly explosive-proof luminaires. In this regard, for the next 2-3 years we can expect further differentiation of the manufacturers in terms of product range and a greater variety of offers – from the supply of lighting products to the implementation of complex lighting projects - like, for example, on the European market.

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