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AtomSvet: flights under control

The airplane is the fastest type of transport today and in highest demand. At any time in the air there are thousands of planes transporting a huge number of passengers and freights in various directions. Airports are under construction in many cities and become something like the hallmark of the city, entering into its infrastructure. Any airport will not be able to function without high quality lighting, as lighting is one of the conditions for continuous and safe operations.

In our country, a subprogram of the federal program "Development of the Transport System of Russia" was approved recently. It was called "Civil Aviation." Its main goal is to improve the transport infrastructure of the country. The program provides consecutive modernization of more than a third of all existing airports in Russia until 2015. Certainly, reconstruction includes improvement of the lighting systems of airports, both internal and external, with the use of modern, energy-saving technologies.

Airport lighting is divided into three categories:

  • Esthetic and external lighting;
  • Technical lighting;
  • The lighting of runways.

The first category emphasizes the architectural beauty of the airport and shows it more attractively. Such lighting must be handled by experts, as it is extremely important that the bright lighting of the airport does not interfere with the responsible work of pilots.

Internal lighting provides passengers with comfort as they wait for the plane. In addition, the high-quality internal and street LED lights are the price of passenger safety, as the light sources improve visibility.


High-quality, complex airport lighting requires the installation and use of a very sophisticated volume system that includes a huge number of light sources. Naturally, such systems consume large amounts of energy. In order to reduce expenses, it is necessary to use modern, energy-saving technologies. For this reason, energy saving industrial lamps are an excellent choice for the lighting systems of the airports.

At the present moment LED lighting is noted as the best indicator of reliability and efficiency. LED external lights and internal lighting models possess a long service life and operating convenience as they do not need any complex, particular service. They do not produce harmful radiation to the human body, and they provide high qualitative light stream that is pleasant for eyes.

In the Russian market there are companies offering reliable and practical LED light sources. One of them is "AtomSvet." It employs its own design office, with experts who constantly work on improving products and seek to make the products the most reliable, economic and functional.

Energy-saving industrial AtomSvet lights, including other models of light sources, are made using the optical systems combined type. They can reduce optical losses due to combining the functions of protective glass and lens. Such systems indicate very high optical efficiency.

Further, serious work has been conducted on the improvement of the power supply. As this part can need replacement, the light design takes this into account and greatly simplifies this process. For replacement of the driver, dismantling or any other difficult procedures is not required.

Designing a full-fledged airport lighting system is a complex challenge. Its design must take into account a large variety of factors. The use of AtomSvet lights yields excellent results.

For example, in June 2013 the company’s products were used in modernizing the security lighting system of the Penza airport. For these purposes 733 LED AtomSvet Plant lamps 02¬16-2400-26 were used.

Modernization of the lighting system and the replacement of light sources with more efficient models allowed savings of 60 kW of power, i.e. substantially reducing the electric power payment.

The installation of LED light sources is a profitable and promising solution. However, it is important to use high-quality and reliable equipment as the safety of passengers and stable airport operations depend on good lighting.

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