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AtomSvet: order to take off

People living in the modern world do not like waiting. Sometimes, in a few hours we need to be at an important meeting not in a neighboring city but on another continent. In modern dynamic life the aeroplane is the fastest means of transport. Its popularity is growing day by day as well as the role of airports as a part of modern megapolis infrastructure. Nowadays, airports become “visiting cards” of countries and cities. They work around the clock, passing huge flows of passengers through. One of the most important conditions of the non-stop service of airports around the world is the availability of high-quality lighting.

Recently, the Russian government has adopted the Civil Aviation subprogramme of the Development of Transport System of Russia (2010-2015) Federal Target Programme. The programme’s main objective is the development of modern transport infrastructure and improvement of the competitiveness of the Russian transport system. Before 2015, according to the subprogramme, plans call for the reconstruction of 108 aerodromes, i.e. one third of all those in the Russian Federation. It follows from this, that modernization includes also the replacement of old lighting fixtures both inside and outside of the facilities.

Modern airport modern lighting can be divided into the following groups: aesthetic lighting and external lighting, technical lighting and lighting and signalling lights of air strips (fig. 1).


Aesthetic lighting is the area of designers and architects using high-quality lighting onsite as airports must be attractive, including at nighttime. With modern technologies airports facades often resemble objects of art. It is highly important that the lighting work is carried out by qualified lighting companies, as there are plenty of restrictions and safety regulations. In no case should the illumination interfere with the movement of aeroplanes.

Proper interior lighting helps airport shops and coffee-houses attract more visitors and creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Various light signs indicate the direction of passenger movement, and the lighting mounted in the floor creates a “visual corridor”.

Lighting of airport and its perimeter significantly improves visibility and increases level of safety. Yet, it is necessary to comply with strict regulations to prevent emergencies.

Having assessed the abovementioned, it becomes clear that airports despite their role in life of any city as a part of transport infrastructure are power-consuming facilities that require numerous lighting units. Here the main criteria for selecting lighting are both durability and quality, and cost-cutting possibilities.

Speaking of airport and aerodrome lighting modernization, the most effective option in recent years has been the transition to LED lighting. LED lighting gives a long-term service, has no maintenance costs during operation, and is environmentally safe, modern and efficient. Currently, the Russian lighting equipment market has companies offering high-quality and reliable products. The AtomSvet in-house design office specialists develop energy-saving lighting which can be used for perimeter lighting of airports and aerodromes. The principle of maximum reduction of optical losses is the key principle in development of any modification of a wide range of AtomSvet LED lighting. For example, optical losses are reduced due to the transition to combined optical systems integrating lens and the housing. This ensures high optical efficiency. In addition to the special application of optics, the company designers pay considerable attention to power supply units: a lighting unit driver is easily replaced in any circumstances, which further extends service life of already durable units (mostly, it applies the 2014 advertised offers).


Many factors are considered when designing the lighting for airports. An example is one of the completed projects on lighting modernization at Penza airport (executed by Spetsmontazh OPS, OOO). Egorov Alexander, the Spetsmontazh OPS chief engineer, speaks briefly on the project: “In June 2013, 733 AtomSvet Plant 02-16-240026 lighting units produced by the Russian company AtomSvet were installed at Penza airport . The need for the reconstruction was initiated after approval of the Transportation Safety Programme on the Security Lighting System Project. AtomSvet Plant 02-16-2400-26 units were installed on the airport perimeter and integrated in the Security Alarm system. The replacement of Hg-lamps, offered by the original design, with the AtomSvet Plant 02-16-2400-26 units (fig. 2) resulted in a reduction in the power requirement of 60 kW. Having pre-tested the different manufacturers’ products, we opted for AtomSvet lighting fixtures. For the security lighting the ratio of light output to power consumption was important. During the presentation our employees were convinced that AtomSvet Plant 02-16-2400-26 units have the optimal ratio”.

Based on the experience of the companies that have installed modern LED lighting it bears repeating that the use of LED light sources is promising and cost-effective. Moreover, the choice of reliable lighting products for high-risk facilities, particularly for airports, carries a great deal of responsibility. All lighting units must pass numerous tests as in this case we are talking about people’s lives.

More information on the LED lighting fixtures can be found at the AtomSvet booth at Interlight Moscow 2013 exhibition, which will be held on November 5-8 in Moscow (Expocentre, Forum showroom, F.D 100 booth).

Source: “Semiconductor lighting technology”, magazine
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