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AtomSvet® Meccano: an Industrial LED Meccano Luminaire

Contemporary LED technologies are an effective way of cutting lighting costs. Lighting industrial premises is one of the most popular applications.

AtomSvet, the Russian manufacturer of LED luminaires, has released a series of AtomSvet® Meccano, industrial lamps designed for severe operating conditions with high moisture and dust levels.

The AtomSvet® Meccano luminaire benefits from a modular construction so that the customer can specify the power rating and luminous flux output he requires. Moreover, an option to change the module’s front-end optics enables different light intensity curves within the range of 15° to 120° to be obtained and, as a result, the luminaire can be used to illuminate objects with a wide range of requirements.

A lens is used as the outer glass to reduce AtomSvet® Meccano’s luminous flux losses. A side-mounted power supply source can be easily replaced without dismantling the luminaire. The AtomSvet® Meccano optics and electrical components are designed to function under any temperature within the range of – 60° up to +60° С, in unstable power networks or in aggressive environments with continuous vibration.

The AtomSvet® Meccano luminaire features:

  • no supplementary power adapter required, it is powered directly from the grid;
  • constructed using 50 W replaceable light modules (modular luminaires can be equipped with 1-4 modules);
  • very adaptable, easy-to-use and with a modular (meccano-like) construction;
  • highly-effective optics;
  • IP65 protection;
  • no maintenance or replacements required;
  • endurable and vibration-resistant;
  • easy to start under sub-zero temperatures (-60°C);
  • instant start;
  • luminaire efficiency is over 100 lm/W;
  • highly efficient optical system with a performance index of > 87%.

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Video of the manufacturing process and advantages of AtomSvet® LED lighting fixtures

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