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The AtomSvet®BIO has proved its efficiency!

AtomSvet, LLC has received a positive Expert Assessment based on the results of the experiment on the influence of AtomSvet® BIO LED luminaires on the development and growth of lettuce. The experiment was carried at the Moskovsky Agricultural Complex, where all the sodium arc lamps had been completely replaced by AtomSvet® luminaires. The total area of the production line was 500 sq. m.

According to the results of the plant inspection made by employees of the Agricultural Complex, the following trends have been discovered:

  • The plants under AtomSvet® BIO luminaires has heavier leaves, they have a deeper green colour, their root system is in better condition and biomass is more than 14.5% greater than the plant cultivated under the sodium arc lamps.
  • Electricity consumption of the AtomSvet® BIO luminaires has been reduced by a factor of 2.5 compared with sodium arc lamps.
  • The nitrate level is within normal limits.

These results have become possible due to close cooperation of the AtomSvet team and research scientists of the Institute of Biophysics Siberian Branch of the RAS in developing a special spectrum that is closest in meeting the requirements of lettuce.

AtomSvet® BIO luminaires have already proved successful in experiment with cucumber plants that was carried out at the Vesna greenhouse centre.

Installation of energy-efficient AtomSvet® BIO luminaires helps to optimize costs in lighting and greatly increases the productivity of agricultural complexes.

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Video of the manufacturing process and advantages of AtomSvet® LED lighting fixtures

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