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Double-module luminaires AtomSvet® Plant Ex

Double-module luminaires
PLANT 02-50-xx-xx Ex

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The AtomSvet® Plant Ex explosion-proof LED luminaires were designed specifically for operation in enterprises, facilities, and zones with explosive environments and particular operating conditions. They may be used in particular for lighting of nuclear power stations, filling stations, chemical production facilities and refineries, engineering plants (including painting booths), petroleum, gas, metallurgical, and wood processing enterprises.

Operation features

LED luminaires are resistant to operation in cold and moderate climate (UHL 1) when exposed to high humidity up to 98% at a temperature range from -60 to +60˚C.

Start instantly upon the recovery of power supply.

High degree of protection IP67 is ensured by compound casting of the lighting fixture’s electric circuit.

Unlike luminaires with traditional light sources they do not require maintenance during their service life. Do not contain mercury and do not require special disposal.

Three explosion protection methods are used for the luminaires: compound capsulation (luminaire), explosion-proof casing or increased reliability against explosion (junction box to connect luminaires to the customer’s network).

Light source

The luminaires use light emitting diodes produced by Nichia Corporation, Japan. The LEDs have a built-in shunt and luminous efficiency of at least 130 lm/W. The significant colour rendering index of the LEDs and their constant non-flicker fluorescence reduce the employees’ visual fatigue and allow the luminaires to be used in workshops with rotating machines.


  • The luminaire housing is made of extruded heat-conducting aluminum profile protected by an oxide coating.
  • The type of LIDC, the mechanical protection of LEDs, and protection from dust are ensured using a one-piece optical system — a dome with integrated lenses.
  • The dome is made of special polycarbonate produced by the German chemical company Bayer – Makrolon® LED with a minimum light transmission coefficient of 87%.
  • All critical components of the luminaire are separated from the environment by heat-conducting silicone compound.
  • The luminaire has Class I protection against electric shock.

Explosion protection marking

1Ex mb d IIB T4 Gb / Ex tb IIIC Db,
1Ex mb e IIB T4 Gb / Ex tb IIIC Db.


Power consumption, W 55, 70
Luminous flux, lm 5,600, 6,800
Supply voltage, V 150–265 V / 50 Hz
Explosion protection marking 1Exmb d IIBT4Gb / 1Exmb e IIBT4Gb
Colour temperature, K 5,000
Colour rendering index Ra > 80
Operating temperature range –60 to +60 °C
IP code IP67
LED service life, h 50,000
Dimensions, mm  
marked 1Exmb d IIBT4Gb 370 x 220 x 230
marked 1Exmb e IIBT4Gb 380 x 200 x 230
Weight, kg 4


Individual connection with special-purpose pivotable bracket for explosion-proof luminaires.

Items supplied

LED luminaire, explosion-proof connection block, cable gland set, special-purpose on-surface mounting pivotable bracket, operation manual.

Explosion protection marking

1Ex mb d IIB T4 Gb / Ex tb IIIC Db,

1Ex mb e IIB T4 Gb / Ex tb IIIC Db.

Explosion protection marking (PDF, 244 Kb)

Light Intensity Distribution Curves (LIDC)

deep (30°)

deep (30°)

cosine (120°)

cosine (120°)

wide (140° / 110°)

wide (140° / 110°)

Get free comprehensive information on the products of your interest. Please, order:

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