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AtomSvet® Plant Ex

Illumination requirements for the facilities with increased explosion hazard

Illumination requirements for the facilities with explosive atmospheres “AtomSvet ®” solution
Lighting fixtures should not be the source of ignition both in the process of normal operation, and in the event of potential failures.
  • Lighting fixture electronic components are isolated from explosive atmosphere by compound casting;
  • The body of the lightning system efficiently removes heat in case of dust layer accumulation on its surface;
  • The connection of lighting fixture installation wire to the supply network is performed in the junction box with explosion protection of type “e” or “d”;
  • Steel components of lighting fixture and its mounting parts are galvanized, the coating thickness is at least 6 µm;
  • The lighting fixture is protected by safety and thermal fuses in supply network.
Increased shock and mechanical damage resistance.
  • The design of AtomSvet lighting fixture ensures increased vibration and shock resistance – group of operating conditions M2 according to “GOST 17516.1”.
Lighting fixtures are often exposed to high temperatures and aggressive environments.
  • The lighting fixtures are completely sealed, their degree of dust and moisture protection is IP67;
  • The body made of oxidized aluminum and polycarbonate glass is resistant to corrosion and aggressive environment impacts;
  • Reliable heat removal system enables lighting fixtures’ operation within the temperature range from -60 to +60 °C.
Power supply networks, particularly at remote facilities, is often characterized by considerable voltage variations and high sensitivity to the equipment with low power factor. The presence of high-frequency disturbances in the network may lead to failure of this network, as well as of the equipment connected to it.
  • LED driver is specifically designed to work under unstable networks conditions (wide range of supply voltage 150-265V, protection from network surges up to 1000V, short-circuit protection, overheat protection).
  • LEDs power is ensured by constant stabilized current from the power supply unit. The amperage is selected so, as to ensure LEDs’ long-term operation under all operating conditions of the lighting fixture.
  • Static power supply unit is equipped with power correction and disturbance suppression device, as well as with overload and overheat protection.
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