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Outdoor LED lighting

AtomSvet® Street

Modern street lighting networks consume considerable amounts of energy and it is important that they are properly constructed to ensure efficient performance, rational usage and minimal waste of energy resources waste.

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Comparison of traditional light sources with AtomSvet® luminaires

  Previous solution: High-pressure mercury arc lamp, 700 W New solution: AtomSvet® Road 01-100-23500-200 (144⁰/62⁰)
Quantity 33 33
Power consumption, kW per year 121,413 28,908
Energy saving 76%
СО2 emission reduction over 10 years of AtomSvet lighting systems 389 t
Cost of electric power saved over 10 years of AtomSvet lighting systems 162,800
Section of Class A trunk road. Original system of lighting – 33 luminaires with high-pressure mercury arc lamps, 700 W.

Calculation values: current cost of power 0.15 EUR/kW h; energy cost increase 3.5% per year; emission volume: 0.42 kg СО2/kW h.


Street and highway lighting


Requirements for street lighting AtomSvet® Solution
Luminaires are exposed to precipitation (snow, rain), and the air is full of dust, soot, exhaust gases, particles of de-icers, oils, unburned fuel, etc.
  • Luminaires are fully sealed and have a IP67 degree of protection against dust and moisture;
  • Resistance to corrosion and effects of aggressive environments the housing (PLANT — anodized coating; Revolt — metal powder enamel) and polycarbonate glass provide complete protection from all adverse effects
Russian power grids are characterized by the extreme instability of supply voltage. Stability of the luminaire driver (power unit) against voltage surges is critical for its reliable operation
  • The LED driver was specially developed for operation in unstable grids (wide supply voltage range 150–265 V, impulse noise protection in power networks of up to 1,000 V, and short-circuit protection)
Reliable performance under a wide range of operation temperatures
  • Luminaires operate over the ambient temperature range from –60 up to +60 °C;
  • Reliable heat removal system and temperature control function ensure the successful operation of AtomSvet luminaires in all climate zones including the Far North
A luminaire must provide uniform distribution of luminous flux on the roadway
  • LIDC optics of 140°/110° and A types is used for the luminaires
Lighting comfort
  • The LED luminaire colour rendering index is much better than the colour rendering index of mercury-vapour and sodium-vapour lamps usually used for streets and roads lighting
Glare of the driver from the light should be prevented on the road
  • The luminaires are equipped with the angle of shade
The luminaires are often found in the hard-to-reach places, and the luminaire maintenance is complicated
  • LEDs have long service life, during which there is no need to replace them
Being exposed to wind and the movement of heavy vehicles luminaires experience wind and vibration stresses
  • AtomSvet luminaire design ensures improved vibration and shock resistance;
  • The luminaires comply with the M2 operating condition group according to "GOST 17516.1-90 Electricals. General conditions regarding stability and resistance to external mechanical factors"


AtomSvet Street LED luminaires represent an efficient solution for illumination of:

  • Streets & highways
  • Car parks
  • Construction sites
  • Dock areas
  • Secured premises
  • Petrol stations
  • Warehousing areas
  • Cottage settlements.

Street luminaires ensure the effective operation of energy efficient street lighting and enable energy costs reduction. They are suitable for illumination of housing and utilities sector territories.

Luminaires for street LED lighting enable reduction of power sources loss and ensure their rational and optimal utilization.

The cost of street luminaires is compensated by their period of recoupment. Significant cost savings and even profits are possible due to the fact that AtomSvet street luminaires represent a true energy efficient solution, as confirmed by the results of numerous projects’ implementations. Throughout the entire service life no maintenance is required for such luminaires, which also enables saving significant funds.

Illumination of megalopolises

The municipal infrastructure of megalopolises, cities and towns includes street illumination networks – energy-intensive facilities, which proper construction affects the efficiency of operation and rational use of energy resources and their loss minimizing.

All the above mentioned tasks, as well as maintenance and monitoring problems, can be solved by implementation of cutting-edge energy efficient and automation technologies into illumination networks.

Over the years the larger part of city and district networks’ equipment becomes outdated; currently the question of its replacement with modern more economically advantageous and energy efficient street lighting fixtures arises.

Replacement of outdated street luminaires with LED ones significantly reduces costs of electricity and reduces operating costs.

Moreover, LED luminaires can significantly reduce the costs of allocated powers, which represent an important factor, if we take into consideration the current state of power supply networks on the territory of Russia.

The LED luminaires developed by AtomSvet represent complete comprehensive solutions that enable to reduce their ownership cost and optimize payback of funds, invested in modernizing the street lighting.

Taking into account the peculiarities of the facility and the requirements imposed by the city and municipal services AtomSvet experts will perform all necessary calculations and submit them to the Customer. Supplementary services associated with calculations (feasibility of implementation, comparative analysis) will be provided by AtomSvet for free.

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Video of the manufacturing process and advantages of AtomSvet® LED lighting fixtures

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