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The use of LED technologies becomes the current trend in terms of optimizing costs of warehouse complexes illumination. The major criterion for the selection of LED lighting fixtures for warehouse illumination is their high efficiency, high reliability and substantial service life.

AtomSvet manufactures high quality modern LED lighting fixtures to be used in warehouse that fully comply with the requirements imposed on such light sources. Wide range of AtomSvet LED lighting fixtures provides a possibility to replace the majority industrial lighting fixtures and floodlights that use traditional light sources (ML, MHL, HPS, CFL, incandescent lamps).

Due to low power consumption and long service life (at least 50 000 hours) AtomSvet LED lighting fixture will work many years without extra costs and with minimum maintenance required. The know-how developed by our experts and used in the lighting fixtures help to reduce light loss more than twofold as compared to the existing analogues. Moreover, our lighting fixtures are specifically designed to operate at extremely low (-60°C) and at extremely high (+60°C) ambient temperatures and in unstable power networks. According to the objective analysis of LED lighting fixtures market, AtomSvet products were awarded and recognized by many experts as the best in terms of price/quality ratio.

Due to the use of optics with different light intensity distribution curve AtomSvet warehouse lighting fixtures are suitable for all types of warehouse premises.

Floor storage premises with an average height of mounting lighting fixtures – light intensity distribution curve 120°

Shelf storage premises with high mounting of lighting fixtures – 30°.

The advisability to switch to warehouse premises LED lighting is also determined by the following factors:

  1. LED lighting fixtures are an energy efficient solution and upon the expiry of payback period generate significant profit for the enterprise.
  2. Unlike lighting fixtures with traditional light sources that require regular replacement and repairs, LED lighting fixtures do not require maintenance throughout their entire service life.
  3. Gas discharge lamps that are generally used for warehouse premises illumination, require significant time (up to several minutes) to restart in case of short-term power supply failure. LED lighting fixtures start instantly upon the recovery of power supply.
  4. The color rendering index of LED lighting fixtures is considerably superior to the color rendering index typical of sodium and mercury discharge lamps which are commonly used for warehouse premises’ illumination. Switching to LED lighting significantly reduces employees’ visual fatigue and can reduce injuries at production site.

However, the use of LED lighting fixtures ignoring the entire set of particular requirements to the warehouse premises illumination systems (these requirements differ significantly from the requirements to lighting fixtures used for common areas), may bring to nothing all benefits of LED lighting.

“AtomSvet®” warehouse LED lighting fixtures were specifically designed for warehouse illumination and possess a number of qualities, providing additional competitive advantages:

Property of “AtomSvet®” lighting fixture Competitive advantage
High quality and reliability of all lighting fixture components Typically, warehouse lighting fixtures are mounted at a considerable height which is difficult to reach for repairs, and premature failure of a lighting fixture even subject to valid warranty, will result in significant financial costs for its repair or replacement.
LED driver specifically designed to work under unstable networks conditions (wide range of supply voltage 150-265V, protection from network surges up to 1000V, short-circuit protection, overheat protection). Warehouse complexes are typically located outside big cities and are supplied with electricity from local substations, characterized by extreme instability of supply voltage. That is why the reliability of LED driver of “AtomSvet®” LED lighting fixture and its resistance to unstable supply network voltage are the major guarantee of its stable operation and survival throughout its entire stated service life.
Wide range of operating temperatures (from -60°C to +60°C) Reliable heat removal system, temperature control function and guaranteed operation at low temperatures reaching -60°C allow using “AtomSvet®” lighting fixtures also in unheated warehouses.
High degree of protection – IP67 The reality is that even if the degree of lighting fixture protection is IP65, after a year of its operation the glass gets significantly dirty from the inside, resulting in reduction of warehouse illumination level (deviation from regulatory values). Due to their typically high mounting, the lighting fixtures are difficult to clean or are associated with significant costs. High degree of protection of “AtomSvet®” lighting fixtures and original design of protective glass eliminate such problems.


You can check the prices for warehouse LED lighting fixtures from AtomSvet advisors.

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