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Parking structures

Currently in the process of active construction of residential and office complexes acute shortage of cars parking spaces appear. Underground car parks may become a solution of this problem.

In the absence of natural illumination the lighting equipment at such facilities must work round the clock. The illumination quality is important as well, low quality of illumination may lead to reduction of accidents and weakening of onsite security.

Car park illumination in accordance with the above mentioned requirements is possible when using AtomSvet luminaires that have a number of advantages as compared to traditional light sources.

Luminaire luminous efficiency is 95-104 lm/W (reducing power consumption by 2-3 times as compared to gas discharge light sources).

LED driver specifically designed to work under unstable networks conditions (wide range of supply voltage 150-265 V, protection from network surges up to 1,000 V, short-circuit protection).

Unstable supply voltage in building service areas often leads to failure of fluorescent luminaire control gear, that is why the reliability of LED driver and its resistance to unstable supply network is one of the main guarantors of stable operations and survival of AtomSvet LED luminaires throughout their entire stated service life.

Instant start (enables using illumination system along with motion sensor, which will allow reducing power consumption by 50-70%).

Various types of fasteners allow mounting luminaires both on ceiling and on walls, leading to the absence of glares, shadow areas, which in its turn results in reduction of on-site accidents.

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Video of the manufacturing process and advantages of AtomSvet® LED lighting fixtures

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