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Low-voltage LED Lighting

Low-voltage illumination becomes an increasingly popular solution in the sphere of landscape design and architecture – wherever the accidental damage to the wiring must not harm people or animals.

Low-voltage luminaires are widely used in industry, at for housing and utilities sector facilities. Such type of illumination is used at the facilities with increased fire hazard (in mines, underground, at HPP), which illumination systems should correspond to the highest standards.

The popularity of this type of illumination is quite explicable: low-voltage luminaires are able to provide high-quality luminous flux with minimum power consumption.

AtomSvet Low-voltage Lighting Fixtures – high-performance equipment, featuring energy efficiency, eco-friendliness and ease of operation. Special attention should be given to the fact that AtomSvet luminaires are able to operate on various power sources: in addition to traditional power supply network, accumulator batteries, wind-powered generators, solar batteries and etc. can be used.

AtomSvet Low-voltage Lighting Fixtures are specifically designed for operation under severe conditions. They are successfully used to arrange illumination of construction sites, car parks, secured premises, in industries with increased explosion hazard.

AtomSvet Low-voltage Lighting Fixtures, as well as other products of the company, are characterized by long service life, reliability and security. AtomSvet Low-voltage Lighting Fixtures are easy to operate and do not require regular maintenance.

AtomSvet Low-voltage Lighting Fixtures guarantee the highest quality with minimum power consumption.

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