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Production facilities LED Lighting

Currently the increasing number of companies and manufacturing workshops are thinking about the transfer to LED lighting. Such transfer will be more than justified as there are numerous factors suggesting the practicability of illuminating industrial enterprises with the help of LED lighting fixture.

LED luminaires represent the optimum solution providing the most energy efficient illumination for manufacturing facilities and industrial enterprises; furthermore, experience has proven that, such luminaires may bring the company or enterprise substantial profit.

Unlike luminaires with traditional light sources that require constant lamps replacement and regular maintenance, LED luminaires do not need any additional services throughout their entire service life.

Gas discharge lamps normally used for illumination of manufacturing areas in case of short-term power supply failure require much time to restart – up to several minutes. As far as LED luminaires are concerned they start almost immediately upon the renewal of power supply.

And, finally, one more important point: color rendering index of LED luminaires is considerably superior to the color rendering index typical of mercury discharge lamps which are commonly used in manufacture. Thus, the decision of industrial enterprises to switch to LED lighting significantly reduces employees’ visual fatigue, which leads to reduction of injuries at production site.

When using LED luminaires the requirements for illumination arrangements of workshops and manufacturing premises should be taken into account.

Typically, industrial luminaires are really high mounted, that is why it is difficult to perform regular maintenance. With AtomSvet luminaires you can be sure their service life will be the maximum.

Illumination of industrial buildings and manufacturing premises implies the impact of aggressive environment to the luminaires(oil, smoke, salt vapor, acids vapor). Through the use of specialized materials in the manufacture of AtomSvet luminaires, all their structural components are protected from such impacts.

Usually heavy-duty production equipment creates significant disturbances in power supply network, especially at the start of equipment. Safe operation of AtomSvet luminaires throughout the entire service life even under unstable voltage conditions is ensured by the reliable LED driver.

Reliable heat removal system and temperature control function allow using AtomSvet luminaires within a wide range of operating temperatures, from -60° to +60°C, consequently, AtomSvet luminaires may be used in “hot’ workshops as well.

Protective lens original design provides high degree of dust and moisture protection for all lines of industrial luminaires.

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