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AtomSvet® Plant

The head of any industrial enterprise is familiar with a parallel: high quality illumination – favorable working conditions – high performance. And to the contrary: once the luminaire fails, the manufacture speed and the quality of products immediately decrease.

AtomSvet® Plant LED luminaires are designed for use at industrial facilities with severe and extreme operating conditions, including high levels of humidity, air pollution, wide range of operating temperatures and presence of aggressive environments.

High performance of AtomSvet® Plant LED luminaires is ensured by unique design with the following primary structural elements:

  • Lens system, integrated into specialized polycarbonate Bayer – Makrolon® LED protective cover, significantly reduces light loss in the secondary optics;
  • Luminaire aluminum body is manufactured with the help of extrusion method;
  • High degree of protection IP67 is ensured by compound casting of the luminaire electric circuit;
  • Reliable heat removal system enables operation of luminaires within a wide range of temperatures from -60 to +60 °C;
  • Drivers specifically designed for operation in unstable networks.

AtomSvet® Plant LED luminaires use cutting edge LEDs with luminous efficiency of 130 lm/W, produced by the world’s leading manufacturer Nichia Corporation (Japan).

These are just a few of the obvious advantages of AtomSvet® Plant industrial luminaires. The remaining advantages including reducing energy costs, simplicity, no need for regular maintenance and light sources replacement, will be appreciated by the consumer in the process of our lighting fixtures long successful service life.

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