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LED Lighting for Industrial Facilities

AtomSvet® Industry

One of the most obvious applications of LED luminaires is complex illumination of industrial premises. The main criteria when selecting industrial luminaires are high cost efficiency and long service life.

The major selection criteria for industrial luminaires are:

  • high degree of reliability;
  • long service life;
  • cost efficiency.

AtomSvet industrial LED luminaires provide significant energy savings. They are suitable for illumination of any industrial premises.

They feature original optical system with improved light transmission coefficient, low weight and modernized radiator with efficient heat removal from other existing products on the market.

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Comparison of traditional light sources with AtomSvet® luminaires

  Previous solution: High-pressure mercury arc lamp, 400 W New solution: AtomSvet® Plant 02-100-13600-140 (30⁰)
Quantity 100 100
Power consumption, kW per year 210,240 61,320
Energy saving 71%
СО2 emission reduction over 10 years of AtomSvet lighting systems 625 tonnes
Cost of electric power saved over 10 years of AtomSvet lighting systems. 262,100 EUR
Production facility with dimensions of 70 by 30 metres and ceiling height of 10 metres. Original system of lighting – 100 lighting fixtures with mercury arc lamps, 400 W.

Calculation values: current cost of power 0.15 EUR/kW h; energy cost increase 3.5% per year; emission volume: 0.42 kg СО2/kW h.


LED Lighting for Industrial Facilities

Requirements for industrial lighting AtomSvet® Solution
The luminaires are operated in aggressive environments (acid and salt fumes, soot, oils, etc.)
  • High degree of protection (IP67) for entire industrial luminaire series due to original design of protective lens.

    Note: practice shows that even if the luminaire has the IP65 degree of protection, within a year of its operation the lens becomes significantly dirty inside, which leads to decrease in the illumination level on the object (deviation from normative values)

Improved quality and reliability of the luminaires
  • The use of only high-quality components: Nichia (Japan) LEDs, company’s Bayer (Germany) Makrolon® LED optical polycarbonate, etc.;
  • All electronic components used for the manufacture of luminaires have the level of reliability not lower than Industrial;
  • AtomSvet luminaires production is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008
Russian power grids are characterized by extreme instability of supply voltage. Stability of the luminaires driver (power unit) against voltage surges is critical for its reliable operation
  • LED driver specially developed for operation on unstable grids (wide supply voltage range 150–265 V, impulse noise protection in power networks of up to 1,000 V, short-circuit protection)
The luminaires are often found in hard-to reach places, where their maintenance being complicated
  • LEDs have long service life, during which there is no need to replace them
Ensuring even brightness distribution for a wide range of industrial facilities. The variety of illuminated objects requires different LIDC shape types
  • There is a choice of luminaires with three main LIDC types. 15° and 30° LIDC are recommended for facilities of high altitude, 120° LIDC — for average altitude facilities
Heating is undesirable for some production facilities
  • The use of LEDs ensures the absence of heating on the illuminated surface
Some production processes require luminaires capable of operating in high ambient temperatures (hot shops)
  • Reliable heat removal system and temperature control system allows AtomSvet luminaires to be operated over a wide ambient temperature range from –60°C up to +60°C
The lighting devices for enterprises should have high mechanical strength and vibration stability
  • AtomSvet luminaires design ensures improved vibration and shock resistance.

    The luminaires comply with M2 operating condition group according to “GOST 17516.1-90 Electricals. General conditions regarding stability and resistance to external mechanical factors”

Safety including from the environmental standpoint
  • AtomSvet luminaires design provides efficient and homogeneous illuminating of the working place. The absence of ripple and glares ensures comfort and safety in the company.
  • No mercury and other harmful substances: the company has eliminated one of the Class I hazard wastes, and negative impact on the environment and related disposal costs are reduced


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Video of the manufacturing process and advantages of AtomSvet® LED lighting fixtures

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