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Industrial facilities LED Lighting

Industrial illumination is one of the most important components of manufacturing enterprise equipment. It is important to create the most comfortable and safe work environment for the employees in the process of illumination arrangement. Besides, industrial lighting fixtures must be energy efficient, which means reduction of power consumption and the extended service life without replacement and frequent maintenance.

The use of LED luminaires in industrial illumination is the best solution for today.

AtomSvet LED lighting fixtures:

  • Ensure energy saving of up to 90% as compared to the traditional types of industrial luminaires;
  • Minimize the load on power supply network;
  • Feature extended service life (at least 50,000 hours);
  • Can operate within a wide range of temperatures (from -60°C to +60°C);
  • Start instantly;
  • Ensure smooth luminous flux without flickering and drops even in case of network voltage variations;
  • Do not require maintenance and periodic lamp replacement;
  • Do not contain mercury and do not require special disposal.

AtomSvet Industrial lighting fixtures are designed to work under severe and extreme operating conditions typical for industrial facilities.

Strong aluminum body and special polycarbonate protective glass ensure reliable luminaire protection against the dust, high air humidity and vibration, and sophisticated heat removal system provides stable operation even when exposed to high ambient temperatures.

Industrial LED lighting fixtures may be attributed to one of the most meaningful and important types of illumination. This is general illumination of premises with severe operating conditions, at the sites, where the maximum degree of dust and moisture protection is required: manufacturing enterprises, sites of oil and gas development, chemical industry, and energy, including nuclear power plants.

High quality industrial lighting may be described in three words – energy efficiency and reliability.

AtomSvet provides full range of services necessary for the complete transfer of the enterprise to LED lighting. We work with companies in all industries and provide LED solutions that satisfy the requirements of varied customers. Implementation of any project on the equipment of industrial premises with modern light sources implies full range of services from the site examination and development of the most energy efficient project, to its turnkey implementation.

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Video of the manufacturing process and advantages of AtomSvet® LED lighting fixtures

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