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LED Architectural Lighting

Requirements for architectural lighting

Requirements for architectural lighting AtomSvet® Solution
To create a unique image of the buildings and constructions original light-colour solutions are required
  • LEDs of different colours allow any desired colour scale to be implemented
There is high demand for both flood and accent luminaires (building facades individual elements illumination, etc.) in the light-colour design
  • There is a choice of luminaires with three basic LIDC types: 15°, 30° and 120°.
Luminaires are exposed to precipitation (snow, rain), and the city air is full of dust, exhaust gases and other contaminants
  • Luminaires are fully sealed and have an IP67 degree of protection against dust and moisture;
  • Anodized aluminium housing and polycarbonate glass are resistant to corrosion and aggressive environments
Luminaires are often found in the hard-to-reach places, and their maintenance is complicated
  • LEDs have long service life, during which there is no need to replace them
Russian power grids are characterized by the extreme instability of supply voltage. Stability of the luminaire driver (power unit) against voltage surges is critical for its reliable operation
  • LED driver specially developed for operation on unstable grids (wide supply voltage range 150–265 V, impulse noise protection in power networks of up to 1,000 V, and short-circuit protection
Being exposed to wind and the movement of heavy vehicles luminaires experience wind and vibration stresses
  • AtomSvet luminaires design ensures improved vibration and shock resistance.
  • The luminaires comply with the M2 operating condition group according to “GOST 17516.1-90 Electricals. General conditions regarding stability and resistance to external mechanical factors”

AtomSvet® Color

Single-module luminaires
Color 02-16-xx-xx
Color 02-25-xx-xx

Double-module luminaires
Color 02-50-xx-xx

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The luminaire is intended to be used for architectural lighting of buildings, structures, garden and park areas.

They offer the option of illuminating the objects in a predetermined colour, or playing the pre-programmed dynamic colour scenes.

Operation features

LED luminaires are resistant to operation in cold and moderate climate (UHL 1) when exposed to high humidity up to 98% at a temperature range from -60 to +60˚C.

Start instantly upon the recovery of power supply.

High degree of protection IP67 is ensured by compound casting of the luminaire’s electric circuit.

Unlike luminaires with traditional light sources they do not require maintenance during their service life. Do not contain mercury and do not require special disposal.

Modern dynamic architectural illumination may significantly improve the appearance of buildings in the evening and at night.

AtomSvet luminaires feature a number of advantages as compared to traditionally used systems based on metal halide lamps (MHL).

Light source

The luminaires are equipped with LEDs produced by Nichia Corporation, Japan. The LEDs have built-in shunt systems and luminous efficiency of at least 130 lm/W.

Flexibility of light distribution.


  • The luminaire housing is made of extruded aluminum and protected by an anodized coating.
  • The lens system integrated into protective coating is made of special polycarbonate produced by the German chemical company Bayer – Makrolon® LED with a minimum light transmission coefficient of 87%.
  • Class I protection against electric shock.
  • The luminaires have built-in power corrector (cos φ at least 0.98).
  • Significant colour rendering index: reducing employees’ visual fatigue and consequently the accident rate in the workplace.
  • No flickering (stroboscopic effect).


AtomSvet® Color RGB LED luminaires are equipped with four-colour light-emitting diodes consisting of three colour (R,G,B) diodes and one white diode. This allows for the creation of any hue of the colour spectrum.

A simple version is also available for AtomSvet® Colour luminaires with monochrome light-emitting diodes in blue, red or green.

As a result, the product line of colour light-emitting diodes for architectural lighting is as follows:
AtomSvet® Color RGB — LED luminaires with color control;
AtomSvet® Color R — LED luminaires with red light emitting diodes;
AtomSvet® Color G — LED luminaires with green light emitting diodes;
AtomSvet® Color B — LED luminaires with blue light emitting diodes.


Range of supply voltage 22, 26, 31, 40
Ramp-up time, less 2,000, 2,400, 3,000, 3,600
Class of protection against electric shock 150–265 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption 5,000
Lighting colour Ra > 80
Operating temperature range –60 to +60 °C
IP code IP67
LED operating life, h 50,000
Weight 1/2-modular, kg 2.2/3.6



L x W x H
Single-module — 270 x 200 x 110 mm
Double-module — 360 x 200 x 110 mm

Suitable replacement lamps

MHL 70 W


Individual connection with on-surface mounting (bracket) is included in the standard luminaire set.

The following mounting types are available at additional cost:

  • On-pipe (ø 50 mm) console mounting;
  • Pivotable mounting;
  • Bracket mounting;
  • Strengthened on-surface mounting.

Items supplied

LED luminaire, junction block, on-surface mounting (bracket), certificate.

Light Intensity Distribution Curves (LIDC)

deep (30°)

deep (30°)

cosine (120°)

cosine (120°)

wide (140°/110°)

wide (140°/110°)

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