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Greenhouses LED Lighting

Atomsvet® BIO

Horticultural LED Lighting

Greenhouse LED lighting fixtures represent a new stage in creating illumination of agroindustrial sector facilities. They represent the ideal solution to grow various crops and to breed material for planting.

Until recently, sodium and MHL were widely used in agriculture for growing various crops. However, sodium lighting fixtures emit light only in red and yellow part of spectrum, whereas the presence of blue spectral component is vital for complete photosynthesis and chlorophyll synthesis.

The major disadvantages of gas discharge lamp are their low efficiency, insufficient service life and significant luminous flux reduction throughout the entire service life.

Greenhouse LED lighting fixtures can be used not only in greenhouses, but also in orangeries, conservatories, etc. – in such places where plants require supplementary illumination.

You can check the prices for Greenhouse LED lighting fixtures from AtomSvet advisors.

Conclusion of Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy Research report

Research report

The main objective of AtomSvet® BIO lighting fixtures is to ensure complete photosynthesis process in plants at the stage of growth and upstream. The optimum spectrum of LED luminaires provides plants with everything necessary for proper growth.

  • Corrosion resistant anodized aluminum body and polycarbonate glass.
  • High degree of protection – IP67.

The design includes optimal ratio of LEDs with different light wavelength providing emission spectrum, which is ideal for improvement of photosynthesis process of plants.

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Video of the manufacturing process and advantages of AtomSvet® LED lighting fixtures

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