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Proper Lighting for Industrial Premises

Properly chosen lighting can significantly affect the economic efficiency of an enterprise.

Modern quality luminaires can improve profitability through significant savings in electricity consumption. In addition, they reduce the risk of injury and increase efficiency at the site. So, what parameters should the "right" luminaires for industrial premises have?

Lighting requirements for enterprises

There are a number of requirements artificial industrial lighting that are regulated by various documents. In Russia, it is SNIP 23-05-95, as well as SanPiN norms 2.21 / They set four main parameters:

  1. Illumination value (Lx). This figure depends on the nature of the work performed. Thus, for traffic areas 300 lux lightning is enough, whereas for technical drawing and painstaking work with small parts it should be 750 lux.
  2. Discomfort index (M). It is known that bright objects cause discomfort (spots in the eyes, blindness). The discomfort value M is acceptable in the range from 15 to 90. This figure depends on the specific type of work.
  3. Colour rendering index (Ra). Colour is often an indicator of the product quality, sometimes it is necessary for the recognition of details. Under artificial lighting the colour perception changes. Good colour rendering quality is not less than 80 Ra.
  4. Illumination ripple ratio. Pulsating light can cause a strobe effect (moving object seems to be stationary). In the workplace ripple depth should not exceed 15-20%.

Types of luminaires for production areas

Luminaires can be classified by several types, such as by the type of installation or luminous flux distribution. In addition, the luminaires are distinguished by light source:

  • with a high pressure mercury lamp (DRL);
  • with metal halide lamps (MHL);
  • with fluorescent lamps;
  • LEDs.

Today the most promising are industrial LED luminaires. They address three important issues at once:

  • Proper working conditions. LED luminaires fully meet the standards provided by SNIP.
  • Cost-efficiency. Due to the low power consumption, LED luminaires provide cost saving, and do not incur maintenance costs during their working life time.
  • Long lifespan. LED lifespan is more than 10 years, which allows you to change them several times less frequently than traditional light sources.

Products of such leading Russian manufacturers as AtomSvet, Ledel, Optogan and Focus have deserved their reputation as reliable and cost-effective replacements for traditional luminaires of any type. In particular, AtomSvet is the only manufacturer of LED lighting technologies in Russia, whose product quality is attested by the German and European CE and GS certificates. Luminaires under its brand operate over a large temperature range (-60°C - +60°C). The degree of protection is IP67, which allows their use even in harsh conditions of the Far North. AtomSvet luminaires are fully prepared for operation in Russian enterprises: they are insensitive to voltage surges, are very durable, and are designed for a long service life.

More information about AtomSvet products will be available at Interlight-2014 exhibition (Forum hall, booth F.D 100).

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