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Prospects for Development of Energy-saving Solutions in the Housing and Utility Sector

The adoption of Federal Law FZ-261 “Concerning energy conservation” stimulated active development of the market for energy-saving solutions.

Introduction of modern luminaires has become a way to significantly reduce energy consumption both for major enterprises and for the housing and utility sector. The target of reducing energy consumption in the Russian economy by 40% declared in 2009 by the Government is a prominent driver of LED solutions.

Just five years ago LEDs were known only to experts, being a very expensive technology. Today the Russian LED lamp and lighting appliance market is experiencing evident expansion: since 2013 it has doubled in respect for lamps (i.e. it has grown by 100%), for luminaires it has grown by about 70%.


Along with the market the community of LED lighting customers is expanding. From the start the market viewed the housing and utility sector as one of the most promising and preferred areas for the application of LED lighting.

Vadim Dadyka, General Director of AtomSvet Company, shared his vision on the market of LED solutions for the housing and utility sector:

“There are two very important factors which a customer considers in selection of a lighting product – its price and its power rating. These two characteristics are directly related. The more powerful the LEDs used in a lighting device, the more expensive it is to produce.

Unfortunately the fact that housing and utility agencies focus on low price means that up to 50% of lighting devices used in lighting modernization projects involving the use of LED solutions are low-quality Chinese products, or devices assembled in this country from Chinese components. The service life and quality of such lighting products are questionable.

Yet, it is not as sad as it seems, and even now a positive trend is taking shape. We see the examples of the use of LED solutions in Europe. On the basis of international experience the Russian LED market for the housing and utility sector is sure to undergo substantial changes in the nearest future. I believe manufacturers will be able to satisfy the demand of all classes of customer.”

Today cheap and cheerful plastic products are appearing, oriented toward the thriftiest customers. These are low-cost lighting products with a service life far shorter than that of “top-of the-range” industry and street lighting devices from the same producers. Nevertheless the low price justifies purchase of even the cheaper products.

Moreover designer lighting products are being developed for cottage lighting. The robust casing of such a device provides adequate level of dust and moisture protection (no less than IP54-55, and preferably no less than IP65).


In the Russian Federation there are a number of domestic manufacturers offering such lighting products. An example is the Utility luminaire marketed by AtomSvet for illumination of auxiliary production facilities and housing and utilities with high dust and moisture levels. These products not only have a high protection rating (IP65), but also feature specialized radiator design that ensures, on the one hand effective heat removal (which is critical for a LED lighting fixture), and, on the other hand, distinguishes the product from the conventional “hemispheres” of Russian or Chinese design.

In the nearest 2-3 years the Russian housing and utility sector is forecast to have all the prerequisites for vast expansion of LED lighting. It will be soon seen whether it is really so.

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