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From bulb to boiler house: savings on lighting

The housing and municipal sector play a crucial role in the life of any city district, sector, region as it is not only one of the major sectors of the economy, but is also part of human life

Presently the housing and municipal sector is going through a difficult period: the existing networks and structures are seriously in need of replacement, which leads to an increase in accidents and malfunctions of utilities, the widespread overuse of raw material and technical resources, large losses of energy and water. The status of networks and facilities does not meet the requirements of sustainable communal services of acceptable quality. Often inefficient use of budget funds by the industry, the lack of efficient mechanisms of housing management, state and municipal monopoly in the provision of housing and municipal services, as well deterioration of housing stock is becoming the starting point for a number of housing reforms and modernization programmes in Russia.

LEDs and energy saving – synonyms?

The use of LED light sources is today one of the most effective ways of improving energy efficiency. They have a long service life and extremely low power consumption compared to traditional light sources (incandescence lamps, DRL and DNaT). Their energy efficiency exceeds that of fluorescent lamps by a factor of two and incandescent lamps by a factor of ten. LED lighting efficiency is 75-90 percent and heat loss only 10-25 percent. Ease of disposal and the absence of any operating costs is also a significant factor in the overall energy budget. Another advantage of LED lighting sources is their environmental safety. They do not contain mercury, lead or other harmful substances.

Experts have estimated that the introduction of LED lighting into housing and public utilities will lead to a saving of 2,544 MW of electrical power. And the transition to street LED lighting will save 847 MW more. In terms savings on building generation capacity, the saving on these two consumers alone is about 165 billion rubles

Practice shows: boiler house lighting reconstruction

MUE Teplokommunenergo (Rostov-on-Don) founded in 1966 keeps up to date

- new projects: modern automated boiler houses, built to replace ones with outdated and worn-out equipment, located in the basement and creating a potential threat of explosion and. In addition, in pursuance of the Federal Law “On Energy Saving” the enterprise undertook the reconstruction of lighting in one of its boiler houses in 2013.

- This boiler house supplies heat to housing, as well as to socially significant facilities. Since the boiler house was built in the 1960s, it was decided to modernize the lighting networks. We considered various manufacturers of LED lighting fixtures. First of all specifications of fixtures were of great importance for us, as the temperature in our boiler house at which the lighting work to its specification is at least +35°C. Of course, among the main factors we highlighted the economic effect. As a result, we have chosen PLANT lighting units from the Russian manufacturer, AtomSvet.

All activities associated with the design, supply and installation / removal were carried out by the manufacturer’s official partner,- LLC GC EkoSvet (city of Ivanteyevka). We have installed more than a hundred units in place of the fluorescent lamps. This has reduced power consumption for lighting the boiler house by 58.8 percent, which significantly reduces energy at4.2 rubles per kWh. We are satisfied with the transition to energy-efficient LED lighting system, - says Andrew Serebryanikov, chief engineer at MUE Teplokommunenergo.

However, despite the hundreds of successful examples of introducing new lighting systems in our country, there are still only few of them. Experts predict that energy saving technologies, particularly LED, will be widely used in the near future. The main thing is to have enough funding. According to experts at the moment the programme of energy saving and energy efficiency for the period up till 2020 is underfunded for 40 percent in 2012 or about 246 billion rubles. This data has been provided by auditors of the RF Accounting Chamber.

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Video of the manufacturing process and advantages of AtomSvet® LED lighting fixtures

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