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New developments in LED lighting in 2014

The commitment of manufacturers of LED luminaires to refine their products drives the development in this industry.

The main focus for manufacturers is enhancement of energy efficiency, improvement of heat removal, and increase of operating life of lighting products. Luminaires are used in various facilities, from filling stations to oil refineries, each with its own special lighting requirements. Manufacturers tailor their products to fit the various operating conditions.

In terms of quality and variety of lighting equipment Russian companies are keeping pace with their European counterparts. Their products are competitive enough to sometimes surpass the characteristics of European products. One of such manufacturers is AtomSvet.

Industrial luminaires

What are the requirements imposed on LED luminaires by this sector?

  1. Energy efficiency
  2. Good heat removal
  3. Dust and moisture resistance.

AtomSvet® Revolt luminaires comply with all the above requirements. This is a new product launched in 2014 and is the result of further development of the well-known AtomSvet® Plant series. Revolt LED lighting systems inherit all the outstanding characteristics of the Plant series:

  • The use of LEDs produced by the Japanese Nichia Corporation providing luminous efficiency of no less than 130 lm/W;
  • A unique optical system. A system of lenses integrated in protective cover made of special-purpose Makrolon® LED polycarbonate produced by Bayer, ensuring a considerable reduction in light loss in the secondary optical system.
  • High impact and vibration resistance provided by the die-cast aluminum casing. Additional protection is provided by the powder metal coating.
  • High level of dust and moisture protection (IP67) provided by sealing of the luminaire’s electrical circuit with a sealant compound.

The key distinction of the product from AtomSvet® Plant series is the improved heat removal system. It incorporates structural elements of the casing, as well as the use of ALOX technology for the manufacture of the printed circuit boards. Circuit boards manufactured under this process dissipate heat much more effectively than those manufactured conventionally.

Apart from the above AtomSvet® Revolt lighting systems feature enhanced luminous flux characteristics (up to 20,000 lm) and luminous efficiency (> 100 lm/W of input power). Another important feature is the dimming capability, that is, control of the luminous flux. This feature provides additional saving of electricity. Moreover, the payback period of the system, compared with conventional gas discharge lamps, is no more than 1-3 years.

A prototype model of this lighting system in its standard and explosion-proof versions was presented during Light and Building 2014 Exhibition (Frankfurt, Germany) where is aroused a great deal of interest amongst the visitors.

Because of their technical characteristics the AtomSvet® Revolt luminaires are unique in the European industrial lighting market.

Luminaires for cottages, corridors, staircases, parking areas, ancillary utility and industrial spaces, etc.

These applications of LED lighting enjoy exceptional demand in Europe. AtomSvet is successfully developing this new sector. The AtomSvet® Utility series consists of very reliable and low-maintenance LED luminaires that can be used in a wide range of applications.

Main advantages:

  1. Energy efficiency (electricity consumption is 8-10 times lower than that of conventional incandescent lamps).
  2. High (for its class) level of dust and moisture protection (IP65).
  3. Wide range of ambient operating temperature ranging from -40° С to +50° С.
  4. Impact resistant casing made of die-cast aluminum with protective powder metal coating.
  5. Class I electric shock protection.
  6. Service life of the light source is no less than 50,000 hours.
  7. Original design.

AtomSvet® Utility LED luminaires are designed for general lighting, in hard-to-reach locations, in facilities with special operating requirements, in environments with high concentrations of dust and moisture: tunnels, underground walkways, basements, public transport stops, etc.

Highway lighting systems

A great deal of attention is paid to street lighting in Europe. AtomSvet launched the AtomSvet® Road lighting system, which is on the same level as the advanced street lighting products of major European manufacturers.

Main characteristics:

  1. High luminous flux (up to 20,000 lm).
  2. Luminous efficiency of over 100 lm/W;
  3. Optical system providing even illumination of the road. The possibility to adjust the angle of the lighting system from 0-15° in 5° increments improves the level of illumination.
  4. Design. Street lighting is part of a city’s architectural environment. The AtomSvet® Road lighting system was tailored with this in mind. Both classical and progressive, it blends well both in “medieval” and urbanistic landscapes of European cities.
  5. Special-purpose power unit for operation in unstable power grids. The driver is equipped with short-circuit protection, pulse noise protection (up to 1,000 V) and can cope with a very wide range of supply voltage (150-265 V). In addition the driver may be replaced without the need to dismantle the luminaire.
  6. Wide range of ambient operating temperatures: from – 60° С to + 60° С.
  7. Dimming function (optional). The luminaire may be used in street lighting control (including wireless) systems.
  8. Payback period of no more than 3-5 years compared with discharge lamp lighting products.

The AtomSvet® Road luminaire is designed for illumination of highways, arterial roads, as well as city and regional roads (Class A, B and C).

Illumination of explosion hazardous areas

High quality of illumination is very important at facilities with harsh operating conditions.

An example of this type of product is the X-proof series of LED explosion-proof luminaire produced by the Russian manufacturer, AtomSvet.

These luminaires are designed for operation in Class 1 and 2 explosion hazardous areas with gas and dust hazards, in an ambient temperature range of -60o С to +60o С, both indoor and outdoor.

The luminaire’s power unit renders starting current unnecessary and is equipped with high-frequency noise suppression and reactive power compensation systems.

Explosion-proof АtomSvet luminaires make it possible to reduce electricity costs by up to 70% compared with conventional lighting.

Due to the use of industrial class electronic components, as well as overload and overheating protection the luminaires produced by this Russian manufacturer are reliable, durable and require no special disposal or maintenance procedures.

AtomSvet is expanding its explosion-proof product range with new AtomSvet® Mine (1) luminaire. This product is designed for indoor and outdoor illumination of Class 0 and 1 explosion hazardous facilities.

Main features:

  1. Explosion safety marking options are 1ExdIIСT6 or РВ ExdI;
  2. Wide range of ambient operating temperatures: from – 60° С to + 60° С;
  3. Construction provides enhanced vibration and impact resistance;
  4. High level of dust and moisture protection.

The characteristics of AtomSvet’s advanced systems are on the same level as those of European products, and it can be said that Russian LED lighting manufacturers have good long-term prospects.

1. as part of the R & D programme (2015).

AtomSvet’s products are certified to meet the requirements of technical regulations, as well as the requirements of СЕ (European Community) and GS (Proven Safety) standards. Certification agency – TÜV SÜD, Germany.

Products are in the process of certification under ENEC and ATEX standards.

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