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Light+Building 2014: Focus on Environmental Friendliness

As a rule, in each sphere of human activity there are events that define its development cycles. For example, in sport it’s Olympic Games, and in lighting it is the Light+Building exhibition in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) held every two years.

In 2014 environmental friendliness was the major theme of the Light+Building exhibition. Certainly, the lighting industry is constantly addressing the issues of reduction of energy consumption. But this time the exhibition demonstrated the tendency to reject the use of light sources, containing mercury and other hazardous substances. There were almost no fluorescent lamps, even compact and T5, present on the exhibition booths. Even halogen and improved incandescent lamps were more common — now they are offered as a niche solution for specific applications.

The problem of ecology in its broadest sense affects the issues of visual comfort. The significant part of the display at Light+Building 2014 exhibition was dedicated to this. Manufacturers are competing against each other to see who will achieve the lowest Unified Glare Rating (UGR). There were almost no sodium lamps, which not only contain mercury but also provide an unnatural spectrum. It is suggested that they be replaced by LEDs, and in case it’s impossible, by metal halide lamps, the service life of which has come close to that of sodium arc lamps.

Russian manufacturers are conquering the European market

Many manufacturers from Russia participated in the Light+Building exhibition. Moreover, we are talking about serious advancement of Russian LED lighting fixtures in the Western markets.

Primarily, Russian industrial lighting fixtures are popular in Europe. They know how to manufacture products resistant to humidity, mechanical and chemical damage in Russia, and these are the major properties that industrial lighting fixtures should possess. And, of course, their reasonable price is also a factor. Russian-manufactured industrial LED lighting fixtures are used even at some famous automotive factories in Germany.

An Innovative Greenhouse Lighting Fixture:
the AtomSvet BIO

This unique innovative solution was presented by the Russian company AtomSvet. 6 types of LEDs are used in its BIO greenhouse lighting fixtures, while, the best foreign agricultural lighting fixtures use no more than 4. Thanks to this, it is possible to provide a spectrum of illumination which is more accurately adjusted and ideally suited to the growing crops. This lighting fixture was created cooperation with the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The BIO lighting fixture was tested for cultivation of lettuce and its emission spectrum was specifically optimized for it. The selection of lettuce is easily explained — this crop grows very fast (in less than a month), which allows reliable results to be obtained based on the large amount of accumulated data. The lighting fixtures optimized for other crops cultivation are planned in the nearest future.

AtomSvet is a first time participant of Light+Building exhibition, but the products of this young Russian manufacturer have immediately aroused a great deal of interest. AtomSvet CEO Vadim Dadyka believes that the strategy of the company — manufacture of specialized high quality niche products — will ensure the company’s success in Europe. AtomSvet products are already certified in Germany. The European LED lighting market is advanced, and it is impossible to sell low quality products there. “The main conclusion that we have drawn based on the results of the exhibition is that we are moving in the right direction”, summarized Vadim Dadyka.

The importance of a presence in the European market in order to know the direction to proceed was also noted by Aleksey Kovalchuk, CEO of the Energy Saving Company “New Light”. “There is no market for LED products in our country; we only have the market of lighting technology with a small LED segment”, — says Aleksey. “The European market means other standards and careful attention paid to quality. Finally, it is a fully mature LED products market”. Many countries have achieved universal recognition for the quality of products manufactured on their territory, thanks to their commitment to export. That is why the growing number of Russian participants in the Light+Building exhibition will eventually contribute to the development of the domestic market of lighting technology.

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Video of the manufacturing process and advantages of AtomSvet® LED lighting fixtures

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