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Design of Lighting Solutions

We offer professional services in lighting design.

Lighting design is one our areas of expertise.

Taking into consideration the peculiarities of different facilities we offer solutions providing not only for efficient operation but also for additional benefits and profit.

AtomSvet is interested in ensuring its partners are able to introduce LED lighting at their facilities with the minimum expenditure for the installation and operation of the equipment and the quickest possible return on the investment. For this purpose, AtomSvet offers a special service involving the study of the technical potential and the design of the Customer’s lighting in order to increase its energy efficiency and subsequent justification.

Different design tasks are proposed:

  • calculation of energy efficiency and return on investments;
  • calculation of lighting density;
  • design of lighting solutions;
  • selection of LED luminaires.

The structure of the proposed design includes:

  • initial characteristics of the facility and list of tasks set by the customer;
  • development of recommendations for the proper use of energy saving technologies and improvement in energy efficiency;
  • structure and list of the necessary equipment;
  • calculation of the payback period and energy efficiency of the project;
  • lighting calculation;
  • developed specifications for the equipment, products and materials for the fitting out of the Customer’s facility;
  • estimation of funds necessary for the lighting solution;
  • assessment of economic feasibility of the lighting design;
  • list of the requirements for the design of lighting and preparation of the working documentation;
  • commercial proposal.

When the lighting design is completed AtomSvet hands over the package of documents with technical data for all the LED luminaires together with the design to the Customer.

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