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Automated Lighting Control System (ALCS) Development

AtomSvet is developing and introducing an automated lighting control system (ALCS) that allows comfortable lighting to be created, reduces energy consumption from 15 to 70% and increases the service life of lighting equipment and fixtures.

Proven efficiency

Replacement of the traditional light sources by LEDs with the simultaneous introduction of ALCS releases up to 75% of an enterprise’s consumption and allows it to be redirected to production needs.


The application of ALCS is especially popular in highway lighting where its introduction ensures the reduction of energy consumption by 15%, and in some cases by 30-40%.

The same goes for industrial companies, where the most advanced option of ALCS with LED lighting is considered to be the most efficient.

Arrangement of functional lighting for:

  • industrial and warehouse facilities and the surroundings;
  • trunk roads;
  • city roads and streets,
  • residential buildings (residential streets and pedestrian passageways, local driveways and residential areas),
  • leisure and public areas (parks, public gardens, boulevards etc).

The solution developed by AtomSvet is intended for the centralized automated online control of the lighting and also for energy cost accounting, optimization of industrial processes and access control, etc.

AtomSvet ALCS consists of:

The lighting control system includes the following modules:

  • lighting controllers,
  • luminaire controllers,
  • server software,
  • user interface.

The lighting controllers include the set of standard interfaces the key function of which is to ensure the information transfer between the server and the lighting fixture taking into consideration the operating conditions of the lighting fixture itself.

The lighting fixture controller is a wireless link module mounted directly into the lighting fixture and exchanges information with the lighting controller, providing brightness control.

The software is responsible for the overall control and the system.

The user interface displays the system operation on the screen.

Additional equipment (sensors etc.) performs advanced functions of the system.

The automated lighting control systems (ALCS) can be used together with AtomSvet lighting fixtures.

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